Monday, March 22, 2010

the creative home

I enjoy moving furniture and artwork around. At my house nothing stays in the same place for too long, my belongings often find themselves admiring the house and garden from different angles. I think this exercise is healthy and creative and stimulates the mind and soul. My kids love changing things in their little spaces too and they also enjoy creating new artwork which could be anything from a painting to a paper sculpture.
We also love to make edible creations of course! We do a lot of baking and cooking and we often make up our own recipes! Yes I'd like to think of ours as a creative home, a relaxed and wonderful place where everyone is allowed to express themselves. "Our little corner of the world"'s a bit of a cliche' I know, but it's rewarding and good for the body and soul.
Well of course our home is not always a wonderful and creative place but we're only human... and very, very far from perfect!

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